“CBRNe Emergencies Management on board a Naval Unit” – Taranto 22nd -24th  September 2016

The Observatory on Security and CBRN Defense (OSDIFE) considers of primary importance the development of knowlegde and consciousness on the management of the CBRNe risk and, according to its mission of formation and dissemination has organized with Italian Navy Aeronaval Training Center, the Department of Electronic Engineering of the University of  Rome “Tor Vergata” and Center for Security Training and Education (CUFS) of the University of Republic of San Marino the course “Management of CBRNe Emergencies  on board a Naval Unit” which took place in Taranto from 22nd to 24th Semptember 2016. The course, divided into sixteen hours of theoretical lessons and eight hours of practical activities, has faced the multiple and cross-cutting issues linked to CBRNe risk, involving the learners both in terms of dissemination of knowledge and technical and operative skills in the Marina Militare Italiana sector. In particular there has been set a detection exercise with adjoining dress procedures and a visit aboard the ship Cavour, the flagship of the Marina Militare Italiana.

The course started on 22nd September with the welcome of the Counter Admiral Pasquale Guerra, Scientific Director of the initiative, who greeted the participants and introduced the program of the various activities. After this intervention, interesting conferences held by the competent and passionate CBRN Instructors Angelo Deleo and Daniele Santoro followed. MARICENTADD of Punta Pizzone, training center of Marina Militare, offers yearly 135 courses with more than 7000 participants and for the course  “CBRNe Emergencies Management on board a Naval Unit” there has been deepened the aspects of CBRN risk through the organization and the illustration of shipment and individual allocations as well as fixed and mobile plants suitable to counter threats. In the afternoon, after an introductive lesson on detection and personal protection tools, the Instructors gave to the learners the CBRN equipment and showed how to secure a fallout exposed area.

In the morning of 23rd September it was visited the ship Cavour, moored at the Taranto Standing NATO Maritime Group, with the learners that had the opportunity to see the defensive plants of the ship and the detection plants on board. In the afternoon, at the MARICENTADD of Punta Pizzone, the learners followed a lesson about Warning & Reporting, in which it has been highlighted the importance of cooperation among experts and forces engaged in the CBRN defense in order to focus the threats and elaborate problem solving strategies.

The 24th September, the learners have followed a lesson by the Counter Admiral Guerra on “Direct experiencies of organization and management of international cooperation activities”, in which Marina Militare highlighted the tied synergy among the countries of Western Mediterranean in the 5 + 5. This collaboration resulted in the adjoined exercise Sea Border 2016, which saw as participants forces from the various countries who signed the 5 + 5.  The morning of the last day of course has been completed by two lessons on communication systems and devices and Maritime Security, one of the pillars of the Marina Militare activity, a force which constantly work in order to make safer our seas, in first line against illicit traffics and management of humanitarian crisis.

The course ended in the afternoon with the awarding of certificates from the Course Director, Professor Roberto Mugavero and the Scientific Director, Counter Admiral Pasquale Guerra. At the end of the ceremony, they have exchanged their respective crest of representation, sealing a partnership that we hope will continue in the near future with the aim of a reciprocate professional enrichment and with an ever greater cooperation in the management of the CBRN risk.

OSDIFE would like to thank the personnel of MARICENTADD and especially Contramm. Guerra, C.V. Totino, C.F. Fanan, Donzello and Bruno, T.V. Zanghì, the Instructors Deleo and Santoro and the staff of the Observatory for the good result of the event.


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