Workshop on Investigation of the Deliberate Release of Biological Agents by WHO

The Observatory on Security and CBRNe Defense has been partner in organizing the “Follow up Workshop on Investigation of the Deliberate Release of Biological Agents with Special Consideration to the UN Secretary General’s Mechanism with Focus on Sample Collection (Epidemiological, Environmental and Forensic) and Shipment Maintsining Chain of Custody and Interview Techniques” conducted by the World Health organization – WHO, and held from 22 to 25 November 2016 at the “Officer’s Club”, Rome.

Training activities represented an advanced workshop for leading the biomedical component of an investigation of alleged use focused on sample collection while maintaining chain of custody. Moreover, particular attention has been dedicated to enhancing interview skills of experts in forensic interrogation; on-site investigation activities; logistics, safety and security during missions; as well as analysis of findings.

Participants had the opportunity to take advantage from frontal lessons as technical insight for practical activities, encouraging the exchange of knowledge and experience among participants with specific expertise in the UNSGM. Following instruction on the essential components of an investigation related to the alleged use of biological agents and interview skills, participants have been engaged in a comprehensive exercise scenery of a fictional, allegation of deliberate transmission of a biological agent with the aim at enhancing Their personal competences and techniques in the matter.

The course followed a call upon the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) and WHO to conduct joint activities for upholding and strengthening the UNSGM. As a step further to enhance its international partnerships, OSDIFE has supported logistics and organizational issues as well as it has provided technical observers during the whole Event.

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