OSDIFE at the Event “Defence Satellites 2017″

The Observatory on Security and CBRNe Defence has always accorded particular importance to the needs of Security and Defence in the multi-polar world in order to prevent and tackle asymmetric and multidimensional threats.

In this context, OSDIFE had the honor and the pleasure of participating as speaker at the first edition of the International Conference “Defence Satellites 2017″ that was held in Rome on 24th and 25th May 2017.

With a panel of experts belonging to the institutional, military, academic, private and public research world, the Event represented an important moment to organize and putting in place the knowledge and the skills of many renowned experts and specialists that participated as audience and as speakers, such as Dr. Gregory Edwards, Director of Infrastructure Services of the Nato Communications and Information Agency (NCIA); Dr. Christina Giannopapa of the European Space Agency (ESA), Lieutenant Colonel Marco De Luca Saggese of the Italian Ministry of Defence and Dr. Manuel Metz of the German Aerospace Center (DLR)”.

OSDIFE, which has always been at the forefront  of training and education activities in the Security and Defence field, has been represented at the Event by Dott. Lorenzo Coppolino, who intervened with a speech entitled “Geospatial Intelligence, Technological Development and Human Interaction”, which highlighted the inseparable ties between Human and Technological aspects of Intelligence and focused, in particular, on the use of solutions in the space segment.

This is also in the light of  a growing need to understand asymmetric risk scenarios through the combination of human capabilities and tools that can visualize, in real time, the time-space evolution of some situations in order to adopt a comprehensive and effective defensive strategy as a suitable opposition to emerging and mutable threats.

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