Today’s global counter terrorism environment requires active and effective coordination and response strategies to strengthen the national and regional capacity to better prepare for threats and acts involving the deliberate use of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) agents. The threat exists because terrorist groups have expressed their intent and demonstrated ability to access and use CBRN materials to cause harm, with no geographical boundary or target. The use of advancing science and technology, the darknet, and emerging and re-emerging animal and human pathogens, increases the risk of these agents use exponentially.
Structure and Content Overview:

This 3 day master class will be a series of theory and discussion sessions leading up to a full day interactive practical. The course will cover:

  • Current CBR threat
  • CBR Risk Management
  • Investigative Challenges
  • Alert and Response
  • Capturing Information (interviewing techniques, reporting and contemporaneous notes)
  • Forensic Considerations (collection of samples and evidence continuity)
Course Description and Outcomes:

A deliberate event involving chemical, biological, or radioactive materials (CBR) fundamentally  transforms the context in which public health, border and animal health services are delivered, distinguishing it from a natural emergency. The importance of early detection, investigation, and rapid assessment increases and special considerations concerning the collection of valuable information and evidence will be covered, to raise awareness and equip participants with new tools and skills sets to better prepare for the challenges involved in a deliberate event.


This course is aimed towards first responders and those who may have an initial role in detection and investigation of suspicious CBR event. For example, health care workers, border protection, animal health, food outbreak investigators, and local government inspectors.

Contact details:

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